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456 preamble

789 (Terms of revised dated 14/01/2009)

Newmeet is an Internet dating site. Please read these terms of use. By becoming a member of Abcoeur, you agree to abide by these terms of use. If you do not accept these conditions, you do not need to register on Newmeet. Registration for one or more services Newmeet and use of this website implies full acceptance of these by the Member. By checking the box containing the words "I have read and accepted the terms and conditions of NEWMEET service." At the bottom of the registration page and then clicking the validate button, the Member acknowledges that it is fully informed and is required by all provisions of these terms of use.

Article 1 : Newmeet access and registration.

1. Right of access and registration 

The equipment (computer, software, telecommunications, etc. ..) For access to the Services are the sole responsibility of the Member, as well as telecommunications costs victimes By Their use.

To be a member of Newmeet, you must be aged (e) at least 18 years of age and complete all mandatory fields in the forms of registration.

Member warrants that the information communicated is accurate and conform to reality. He undertakes to inform Abcoeur without delay in case of modification of data submitted upon registration and conduct himself with such changes in his personal space Abcoeur site.

When the requirements for registration are met, each Member has one or more identifier (s) (login) and one or more keyword (s) and password, which are strictly personal and confidential and do should not be disclosed or shared with third parties. In no event Abcoeur shall not be liable for the loss of his usernames and / or passwords by the Member.

Moreover, Abcoeur not have the means to verify the identity of people registering for the Services, Abcoeur is not liable for impersonating a Member except in cases of misconduct Abcoeur of the ID management or technical malfunction related to data integrity. If the Member has reason to believe that a person is using his or her account identifiers, it shall immediately inform Abcoeur clicking.777 Contact us.

Newmeet reserves the right to disable the registration of Members who have not used the service for a period greater than or equal to 6 months . The end date of use of the service taken into account for the calculation of the length of the period is defined as follows: the date of the last valid connection to the Service Newmeet.

2. Right of withdrawal.  

According to l.article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code, the Member is informed It.s has seven (7) days from the date of subscription services to exercise his right of withdrawal, without penalty and without cause. However, according to l.article L.121-20-2 1 of the Consumer Code, the Member may not exercise his right of withdrawal therefore accessed the services concerned by the end of the seven (7) days.

Article 2 : Using Newmeet.

Once registered, Members benefit from access to services available on Newmeet.
Through the use of services, the Member shall undertake to respect the following rules:

Without prejudice to the provisions of the Article" Termination ", in case of failure by a Member to one or more of these rules, Newmeet reserves the right to block the account (s) (s) to access the Member concerned to automatically delete messages or content issue, whatever their nature, prevent publication of all or part of the profile of a Member, and / or block its access to all or part of the Services, temporarily or permanently, without compensation or reimbursement of costs and without prejudice to any remedies that may be opened against the Member concerned .

Newmeet can not be held liable for false statements made by a Member., it is important to take certain precautions when meeting another member. Newmeet disclaims any liability ,. during meetings between members Newmeet on Newmeet or meetings between members and / or non-members, following the use of the Site and Services Newmeet.

In this context, reminds Newmeet, its Members that they are not allowed to mention or disclose to other Members information for identification, such as name, mailing address and / or electronic, telephone, to other members Newmeet through the site Newmeet. Moreover, during the first meeting, it may be advisable to tell someone close to you and choose a location public (coffee shop, restaurant, etc.).

Article 3 : Prices and terms of payment.

Paid services assumes that the Member has purchased VIP Pack by IVR, SMS +, paypal, or Carte Bleue Maligne Kiosk. The price and terms of payment are on permanent display and available on the site under Newmeet (VIP Pack Visibility Pack).  

Newmeet offers two optional packages:
- VIP Pack
- The Visibility Pack

The purchase of these packages can be made by credit card, telephone IVR or SMS+. The price is dependent on the payment method and country of origin (see pricing details on the website), it is difficult to achieve a precise grid, however, the amount of the purchase of a package does not exceed a few dollars a month. Prices are quoted in euros all taxes included.  

The services associated with the VIP Pack is concurrent validation of the transaction by the Member. The Member May at any time notify Newmeet icts decision to terminate the VIP pack Termination Shall take effect on the date of maturity VIP Pack in progress, in Accordance with l.article 6.." Termination "of thesis terms.

A l.expiration VIP Pack, it will be renewed for periods It.s months, unless notified by the Member to Newmeet l.échéance before the current period termination.'s Pack extended for an indefinite period will be billed monthly in member on the basis of tariff Pack initially subscribed by the Member. a Member may at any time terminate the Pack extended for indefinite duration, termination taking effect l.issue it.s month period corresponding to the last monthly billing .

According to l.article L.136-1 of the Consumer Code for the VIP Pack subscribed for a term of 6 months, Newmeet inform the subscriber member by e-mail sent to the last email address provided at the earliest three (3) months and no later than one (1) month before the end of the VIP Pack subscribed qu.  unless terminated by the Member before the end of the period of validity of VIP Pack in progress, it will be automatically renewed monthly for an indefinite urea.

Article 4 : Privacy and data member.

Newmeet respects the French standards for the protection of privacy and personal data and has been declared to the National Commission for Computing and Liberties under the number 781 935.

The rights and guarantees Newmeet Members respect in particular the law "and Freedoms" No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 and the Law on "confidence in the digital economy" No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 (Article L. 33-4-1 modified code of telecommunications and new article L. 121-20-5 of the Consumer Code).

Some information, comments or content (photographs) that Members may provide optionally may, under the responsibility of the Member concerned, reveal the ethnic origin of the Member, nationality, religion and / or sexual orientation. providing such information, all optional, the Member concerned therefore expressly consents to the computer processing of this mentioned \sensitive\ data by Newmeet and is freely exclusive responsibility.

1. Information collected from you when you register to Newmeet and subscribe to our Services is used to offer you our different Services . All precautions have been taken on our databases to archive your information in a secure environment. personal information when registering that are not your ad and your profile will not be accessible to third parties or given or sold or exchanged, subject to your prior information by email and your prior consent or lapse on your part within 2 months of the transmission of this information.

2 . We may send you subject to your prior free , express and informed during your registration or at any time thereafter, promotional material from some of our partners.

3 . Information component listings and search criteria and your presentation are available on the website of Newmeet or e -mail from Abcoeur (newsletters) . Moreover, these data are likely to be distributed by us through newsletters or on our website in order to increase your chances of meeting someone by promoting your person ads , criteria research and presentation. Consequently, the Member explicitly authorizes Newmeet to reproduce and distribute the information contained in his announcement, his search and presentation (information except his email and phone number, address, PIN ) of all or part of the Site Newmeet for the world and for the execution of these Terms of Use between the Member and duration Newmeet .

If you do not want Newmeet reproduce or distribute your personal ad , your search criteria and your presentation , you may terminate your registration Newmeet in accordance with Article 5 " termination". Concerning information your personal ad , your search criteria and your profile , the termination will take effect upon the next update or version of these communications (printed or digital , America ) featuring your personal ad and your presentation .

Each member may at any time access to their information entered during registration, edit or delete them.

Article 5 : Intellectual Property.

The trademarks, logos, graphics, photographs, animations, videos and text contained on Newmeet site are the intellectual property of Abcoeur and may not be reproduced, used or represented s without express authorization of Newmeet, under penalty of prosecution.

The rights of use granted by Newmeet the Member are strictly limited to accessing, downloading, printing, reproduction on all media (hard disk, diskette, CD-ROM, etc..) and the use of these documents for private and personal use in the framework and for the duration of the membership Newmeer. Any other use by the Member is prohibited without the permission of Newmeet.

The Member agrees not to modify, copy, reproduce , upload, post, transmit, commercially exploit and / or distribute in any way the services, pages Newmeet Site or the computer codes of elements comprising the Services and the Site Newmeet

Article 6 : Termination.

Each Member may terminate its registration Newmeet at any time and without reason in the Newmeet Site dedicated to this purpose. In case of subscription or VIP Visibility Pack, termination requested by a Member shall take effect on the date of expiry of the current Pack for.

Without prejudice to the other provisions hereof, in case of failure by the Member to the terms of use referred to in Article 2 Newmeet reserves the right to either send a warning member (for benign reasons such as insults or sending pornographic messages), or suspend or terminate the registration of the member except to send an email notice to it, allowing it to justify or to cease the wrongful conduct found.

in the case of a breach of any rules set forth in section 2 hereof, except for cases of serious statements Newmeet reserves the right to terminate the membership of the Member, after formal notice sent by email only a serious breach of the Member, namely:. identity theft, illegal trade on the site, pedophilia, prostitution, and messages from members minors spam promotions for other sites scam, allow Newmeet to terminate the registration of the Member without notice.

Such termination will occur automatically and without prejudice to any damages that may be claimed by Newmeet for damages suffered and proved the result of such breaches. The Member will be informed by email of the cancellation or confirmation of the termination of his account. data on member will be destroyed at his request or at the expiration of the statutory period of limitation current at the date of termination of the member's account.

Article 7 : Liability and warranty.

7.1 Information and content provided by Members

1. The information provided by a Member to Newmeet must be accurate and conform to reality. The consequences of disclosing information on the life and / or that of other Members are the sole responsibility of the Member concerned.

The Member waives all recourse against Newmeet, including on the basis of any possible damage to his image rights, honor, reputation, privacy, private life, resulting in dissemination or disclosure of information concerning the conditions contemplated hereby, including Article 3 "Privacy and data member."

2. Newmeet can not be held responsible for (and consequences of) the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information and content provided by other Members, visitors to the Site and / or the Member himself. Similarly, Newmeet can not be held responsible for content distributed by a Member that might contravene the rights of one or more other Members or third party content for. Newmeet implements technical means to control content stored on its website and is committed to promptly remove any content posted by a member if it proves to be unlawful when it has knowledge of such content.

3. In cases where the responsibility Newmeet be sought in respect of a breach by a Member to its obligations under the Act or these conditions, it is committed to ensuring Newmeet against any judgment against him.

7.2 Operation Site Newmeet and services

The member must have a device software and settings required for the proper functioning of Newmeet : Browser IE6 , Firefox or equivalent activation functions Javascript also .

Member must have the skills, hardware and software required to use the Internet or, if applicable, Internet , telephone services , and recognizes that the characteristic , characteristics and constraints of the Internet does not guarantee the security, availability and integrity of data transmissions over the Internet.

Under these conditions, Newmeet do not guarantee that the services will be uninterrupted or error . Specifically , operation may be temporarily suspended for maintenance, updates or technical improvements , or to make e evolve the content and / or presentation. wherever possible, Newmeet inform its Members prior to maintenance or updating . The Member waives responsibility to seek Newmeet for the maintenance and operation of the Services.

AOL users because of the specificity , among other things, their Internet browser may encounter malfunctions , do Newmeet will be responsible for any incidents caused by using this connection provider.Newmeet also can not be held responsible for non- operating an inability to access, or bad conditions of use Newmeet due to inadequate equipment , internal dysfunctions provider of the Member to congestion of the Internet, and for all other reasons outside Newmeet .

Messages in the mailbox of the member are stored for a period of two months. It is strongly recommended that members to make backup copies of messages they wish to keep .

7.3 Links

The Newmeet Site may provide hyperlinks to other websites that Newmeet site or other Internet sources. It is also noted that the consultation and / or use of these sites and external sources governed by their own terms of use.

Newmeet agrees to remove a link back to a site whose content is illegal when it came to knowledge.

Article 8 : Convention between the member and Newmeet.


These conditions, as well as pages of the site Newmeet which reference is made herein, constitute a contract governing the relationship between the Member and Newmeet. And supersede all provisions not earlier withdrawn or amended, and constitute the entirety of the rights and obligations of Member Newmeet and relating to their subject.


Article 9 : Amendments Newmeet or conditions.


Newmeet reserves the right to modify or change at any time the Services or the conditions that apply to them. Any modification of these contract terms will be brought to the attention of members online one month before the entry into force, the member having a period of four months after the entry into force of the new conditions to terminate the contract. conditions and effects of termination are set out in Article 5.


Article 10 : Applicable law - Jurisdiction.

These conditions are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with French law. 

Article 11 : About Us

Newmeet is a service published by SAS NET SARL with capital of 8,000 euros (RCS Strasbourg B 433 199 395), residing at 6 av de l'europe F-67000 Strasbourg FRANCE, tel: +333972611302 For any questions, we encourage you to first check in   Frequently asked questions  » .